Lakeview Christian School Victoria, BC




Monthly Tuition Rates 2016/17

  • K-2 $275/month
  • 3-6 $300/month
  • 7-9 $325/month

Family Discount

  • 2nd child: 15% off
  • 3rd child: 30% off
  • 4th child: 50% off

Other Fees

Registration Fee: $100 for new students only (non-refundable)

Earthquake Kit: $25 (new students only)

Activity Fee: $100 (all students)

Preschool/Daycare: please see the Preschool/Daycare Page


Tuition payments to LCS may be made by cheque or money order, or by credit card online at AdventistSchoolPay:

Upon a successful application, tuition assistance may be available. Please contact the school Principal for details.