Lakeview Christian School

Lakeview Christian School. Proudly providing quality
Christian education for over 25 years across from beautiful Elk Lake in Victoria, BC.

Our school is open to all families who desire a
Christian education and safe environment for their children.

LCS offers daycare, preschool, kindergarten and
grades 1 to 9 in split grade classrooms.

Lakeview Christian School from British Columbia Adventist on Vimeo.


Our hours of operation are: Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-3:30pm & Fri. 8:30-2:30 pm

For more information please call Principal Janice Harford at (250) 658-5082


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Report Card home - Dec 9, Fri
Story Hour - Dec 9, Fri 10:30 AM
Hot Lunch - Dec 12, Mon
Staff Meeting - Dec 12, Mon
Pizza Day - Dec 14, Wed - pizza lunch may be ordered at the beginning of the year
Pastors Time - Dec 14, Wed - Pastors from RestHaven SDA church and Victoria SDA church...

729 Cordova Bay Rd • Victoria, BC, V8Y 1P7 • 250-658-5082